Bess the Book Bus Tour Dates

2012 Transitions VSP Success is in Sight Tour

Readers are Leaders!

Readers are Leaders!

Readers are Leaders!

Bess the Book Bus plans to visit 44 states this Summer and Fall, delivering more than 100,000 books.

Follow Bess the Book Bus along her journey on Facebook and
Agencies are encouraged to submit requests for a visit. Please tell us about your organization and why you
want Bess the Book Bus to visit.To submit a request, e-mail Jennifer Frances at jenn@bessthebookbus.org2012 Transitions VSP Success is in Sight Tour Cities

Tampa, FL
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Mobile, AL
New Orleans, LA
Greenville, MS
Ruleville, MS
Lake Charles, LA
Sulphur Springs, LA
Tallahassee, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Racine, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Mankato, MN
Des Moines, IA
Toledo, OH
Detroit, MI
Brooklyn, NY
Braddock, PA
Scranton, PA
Philidelphia, PA
Camden, NJ
Eden, NC
Gainesville, FL
Houston, TX
Houlton, ME
Jonesport, ME
Baltimore, M
Biloxi, MS
Drew, MS
Ada, OK
Albuquerque, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Portland, OR
Boise, ID
Reno, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Gunnison, UT
Chugwater, WY
Fort Collins, CO
Greeley, CO
Kansas City, KS

3 responses to “Bess the Book Bus Tour Dates

  1. Kathy Williams

    How can a school have Bess come to visit?

    • Hi Kathy,

      Sorry that it took so long to get back to you. All you have to do is ask! We are about 1/3rd of the way through our trip, but we are still locking down locations. Hopefully, we haven’t been through your state yet. You can send us a message on our website -

  2. Susan Greenberg

    I am a Kindergarten teacher in Baltimore Maryland. I teach in a small elementary school right off 695. I was wondering if your tour will take you near our school. Our population is 96% African American and low – middle socioeconomic bracket. We have many foster children and single parent families. Our children really need vocabulary and exposure to literature. I wondered if there is something we could do to encourage Bess to visit our school..

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